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Factory Authorized Repair Center

Delonghi, Gaggia, Solis, Spidem, Saeco and Starbucks Espresso Machines!

Access to a great selection of like new, refurbished espresso machines.

Our refurbished espresso machines offer a 6-month warranty backed by the manufacturer, so there is no fear of taking advantage of these great deals. Some of these espresso machines have been discontinued, others have been returned or have been used as demo machines. Whatever the case, you can buy with confidence knowing that you are covered by a great warranty and great service with all refurbished espresso machines from Espresso Resource NW.

Why buy your refurbished machine from us?

When you buy an espresso machine from Espresso Resource NW, you’re buying from the experts. We know what every screw, wire, seal, and sensor on your machine does and how it works, and we’ll be there for you if there’s ever a problem, and get you back to making coffee as quickly as possible. We will never frustrate you with complicated warranty claim processes, clueless call center agents, or any other nonsense. Just send us a message or drop by with your machine and we’ll take care of it.

What about used machines?

Along with refurbished espresso machines we also have a small rotating selection of used espresso machines. These espresso machines are typically the older, extremely well-built models that have been taken in on trade and reconditioned to meet our high standards. They come with a 6-month warranty through Espresso Resource NW. If you’re looking for a specific model that you don’t see, let us know and we’ll see if we can get one for you!

Refurbished vs. Used

What is the difference between used and refurbished espresso machine?

  • Refurbished
    • Refurbished espresso machines are open-box or gently used machines that have been returned to the manufacturer within the return window and now cannot be sold as new.
    • Customers return these espresso machines for various reasons, such as finding a lower price somewhere else, manufacturer defect, or sometimes it was a store demo that is now discontinued.
    • After return to the factory, the manufacturer performs an in-depth inspection, replaces any parts that don’t look or function like new, and relabels the machine as factory refurbished or reconditioned.
  • Used
    • Used machines often have been used for several years, but are in otherwise great condition. We select specifically from the most reliable models around, such as the previous generation Saeco automatics, and completely strip down and rebuild them to add many more years to their life.
    • Used machines are typically less expensive than refurbished machines, but in certain cases of exceptionally rare or high end used machines they may be more expensive.
    • These machines are covered by a warranty through our company, rather than the manufacturer. The level of coverage is the same, but you will be limited to having warranty repairs performed by us.