Repairs & Service

  • STEP 1: Fill out service request form

    1. Download and print form (below)
    2. Follow instructions for form and fill in info
    3. Place in shipping box to Espresso Resource NW

    Service Request Shipping Form

  • STEP 2: Pack your espresso machine

    If you don’t have the original box or don’t feel like you can package the machine yourself we recommend that you take it to a UPS-STORE and they will package it and take care of the shipment for you. *Make sure the employee packing your machine is aware that it is extremely fragile. You may need to pay extra for “fragile” service.

    Please only use the following materials for packing your machine, otherwise it may arrive damaged: Packing peanuts, bubble wrap (1/2″ or 3/8″), kraft paper, molded styrofoam/Instapak. **Starch packing peanuts are water soluble and MUST be isolated from sources of moisture (e.g. by placing your machine in a plastic bag before packing).

    Before shipping:
    Be sure to remove all water, grounds, and beans to prevent further damage to your machine. If there is a water filter installed in the tank, please remove it and keep it at home, otherwise the filter will bounce around in the reservoir and cause damage. If your machine has a detachable power cord, please disconnect it from the machine to prevent stress damage to the socket. Watch video below to see how to prepare your machine for shipping.

  • STEP 3: Ship your machine

    Ship it to:

    Espresso Resource NW
    5305 NE 121st Ave
    Suite 305
    Vancouver, WA 98682
    Attn: Joe Cross

    To take advantage of our reduced UPS shipping rates, email the size of the shipping box, as well as your address, to, and we will email you a UPS Ground shipping label. Shipping charges will be applied to your final repair bill.

    Once we receive your machine and it has made it to the head of the line, we will give it a full tear-down and diagnostics, and contact you with an estimate for the needed repairs, and any recommended additional services. There is no charge for this estimate or initial testing!

    *If the required repairs will be under $150 (not including shipping), we will complete the work without prior authorization.

    Sit back and relax and trust your machine is in good hands.

Repair Status

Enter the phone number you gave us (numbers only, no spaces) to check the status of your repair. If you provided multiple phone numbers, only one of them will work in this form. All machines are looked at in the order received; thank you for your patience. Please allow up to 24 hours for newly received machines to be loaded into this database. To check our current turnaround time, enter the number 123 in the search box. Results will appear above this message.
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