Ship Your Machine

  • STEP 1: Fill out service request form

    1. Download and print form (below)
    2. Follow instructions for form and fill in info
    3. Place in shipping box to Espresso Resource NW

    Service Request Shipping Form

  • STEP 2: Pack your espresso machine

    If you don’t have the original box or don’t feel like you can package the machine yourself we recommend that you take it to a UPS-STORE and they will package it and take care of the shipment for you.

    Before shipping:
    Be sure to remove all water, grounds, and beans to prevent further damage to your machine. See video above to see how to prepare your machine for shipping.

  • STEP 3: Ship your machine

    Ship it to:

    Espresso Resource NW
    5506 NE 114th St.
    Vancouver, WA 98686
    Attn: Joe Cross

    Sit back and relax and trust your machine is in good hands. Visit our service page for more info on our process.

Shipping your machine has never been easier with Espresso Resource NW

You do not need to live in the Pacific Northwest to take advantage of our specialized espresso machine service – we can serve as your repair facility no matter where you are located in the country.

Did you know?

If your espresso machine is in need of repair or service, sending it to a non-certified local repair shop may result in further damage to your machine. Therefore, it is essential to find an authorized service center, like Espresso Resource NW, in the event your machine should need maintenance after the manufactures warranty period.

How to Prepare & Ship Your Espresso Machine